Why Are Stories the Foundation of Our World?

{Guest Post by Austin Griesinger}

Since the beginning of history we have had stories. Since God first created man stories have been passed down generation to generation. Stories that were true, historical events and stories that were nothing but myth or legend. Some stories that were meant to intimidate others. Stories have been the foundation for every society since the dawn of time.

Stories are the glue that has held the world together.

how stories affect us

Whether historically accurate, works of fiction, or even pieces of poetry some stories are told and retold time and time again. Since man was first created we’ve had a desire to remember and recount stories, even unimportant ones. Why is that?

Why do have an almost compulsive need to tell and retell stories, even untrue stories at times?

Stories are what compose everything in this world, to the point that our reality is essentially based off of them. So to communicate one effectively is something humans love to do and can have a very powerful impact.

Every word, thought, and deed is part of the story that you’re telling about yourself.

Everything we see in our daily life is a story. Some are important for us all, while others have no meaning to you but are everything to someone else. Literally everything that goes on in life is a story waiting to be told. Which might lead you to wonder why some stories become incredibly popular and some are ignored entirely.

The truth is, only good stories really make it. Stories that make us feel something or make us want to do something. We cherish the stories that have a profound effect on us. The stories that make us feel, make us hurt, inspire us, and uplift us. Tales that cause us to observe our world in a new way, or open our eyes to things we’ve been blind to. But we disregard stories that have no impact on us, stories that can’t do those things.

From crude paintings on cave walls, to the cinematic brilliance of modern film.

From the beginnings of humanity when tribal elders would pass down tales to the children, to the modern theatre. From the first written books of the Bronze age, up until the mass produced novels of today. It’s all evidence that humanity is unaccepting, even terrified, of a world without a recounted history.

We are terrified of a world without stories.

This is the reason that it’s one of the largest industries worldwide. Billions and billions of dollars every year are poured into movies, books, and the theatre. We are absolutely transfixed by these entertainment sources because, in many cases, they give us hope for a more exciting, more dramatic, or even a more unrealistically romantic lifestyle. In many ways, famous stories are so loved and so held on to because they offer an escape from a mundane day to day existence.

This is the way in which we can mistreat the idea and the inspiration of stories. They absolutely should not make us feel like we live a mundane life. We should let them encourage us to live a life worthy of a story. A full, rich life. One that can be passed down to posterity and have a positive influence on future generations.

Perhaps this is the true reason we aspire to write stories, and the reason we so love to hear them.

They remind us, sometimes subconsciously, of our Creator.

The Creator of the universe is the best author who has ever lived. He has been writing your story, my story, and His-story since beyond our comprehension of time.

And if you know Him you know our story has a happy ending.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Very well put! I totally agree with you. Keep writing!

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