What to Do When God Throws You A Curveball [And You Didn’t Even Want to Play Baseball]

{By Lindsay Chilton}

Have you ever been caught in a tropical storm that seemed to come out of no-where and the wind is blowing so violently you have to focus on staying upright, the sky is yellow, the rain comes pouring down in sheets, and all before you can even find shelter it disappears and leaves clear skies?

For weeks I had listened to sermons about perseverance in faith not thinking much of it.

Our church spoke on perseverance in spite of disappointment, my father in our Bible Study taught on it, my daily devotional happened to be on the same thing and I even joked with my mom that I should be on guard because God was obviously going to hurl something at me soon.

For months now I’ve been planning on serving in Colorado at a Christian camp in the mountains. I’ve never been to the state but after randomly finding the camp on the internet (thanks, Google) and applied, everything lined up perfectly. I could feel God’s hand on it, which excited me even more.

I ecstatically planned on what to pack, I researched more of the camp and fell in love with the mountains after just seeing pictures. I was ready to go.

plans mesed up camp counselor

And then, on a random Wednesday morning a week before I’m supposed to leave, I collapsed.

I don’t mean just tripping over something and falling (which is embarrassingly quite normal for me), I mean full on blacking out, falling to the floor, hitting my concussion, the full sha-bang (pun fully intended). The next day I found myself at the doctor’s where they ran test, took blood, and then told me I needed to visit a Neurologist. All of a sudden all of my beautiful plans were on hold and I was frustrated with what God was telling me. Just a couple of months ago He had told me to go serve in Colorado and now He’s telling me that I might not get to serve at a camp at all.

I was angry with God for about 30 seconds and then He gave me a reality check by reminding me of Joseph from Genesis. At the beginning of Joseph’s life he was full of promise. He was his father’s favorite, he was educated, and he had a cool coat. But then he was sold into slavery by his own brothers, was wrongly accused for a crime that he didn’t commit, and was sentenced to twelve years of prison where he watched men who were rightly incarcerated be set free. Through all of that Joseph had absolutely no idea what God was doing with him and I’m sure he felt useless and abandoned. It would’ve been so easy for him to question what God was doing with him and to despair.

But he constantly praised the name of Yahweh and persevered. Luckily for us we can see the entire story unfold and we know that God was molding him for a position that would save the Egyptians and the Israelites during a famine. But Joseph didn’t see this during his time in prison.

And we don’t see what God is doing while we are in our own “prisons”.

It sucks having your detailed plans thrown out of the window by God and thinking, “But God, I could’ve served You so much better if you let me do this!” He’ll politely listen to you say this but then He answers you like He answered Job in Job chapter 38 when He reminds him that He is the One who is in control and who plans everything.

It’s sometimes impossible to see the outcome of something while you’re in the tropical storm and in the middle of the whirlwind. But while we might not see the outcome we can always see and focus on God and persevere in faith.


Update: At this moment, Lindsay is in the Colorado mountains, serving God by being a camp counselor! 



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