Stop Worrying So Much About Making a Big Impact

{By Ellery Sadler via Relevant Magazine}

“She is so successful.” “He is on a path and going somewhere.” “Isn’t it amazing how she’s so purposeful and productive?”

People talk about intentional living like it is the epitome of Christianity, like success in the eyes of our peers is the goal. “Don’t waste time.” “Get busy.” “Do good.”

But Jesus cares so much more about our heart for Him than our work for Him. True that faith without works is dead, but works without faith are useless. And where does faith come from? How does it grow?

In the soil of empty hours, as much as in busy ones. Faith grows with time.

Slowing Down

In a culture obsessed with wasting time as quickly as possible, it’s a foreign idea for us to waste time slowly and purposefully. But I think purposefully wasted time isn’t actually wasted. Our culture has become a strange juxtaposition of hundreds of minutes wasted browsing Facebook and no minutes wasted letting our thoughts wander.


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