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2014 has been a fantastic year for InsideOut Magazine!! We’ve doubled our readership and experienced amazing blessings with expanding our team, getting a shout-out from New York Times bestselling author Mark Batterson, and reaching a whole new audience of 42k monthly viewers on Pinterest!

Here are Our Top 5 Posts of 2014

 3 Reasons to Stop Saving Your Heart 

3 Reasons to stop saving your heart

If you are familiar with the “knight in shinning armor coming to save his princess” idea of relationships, the next couple paragraphs may hit home for you. Side note, gals, if the armor is still shining, it may just be tinfoil because armor that is still shining has not been truly tested. Just sayin’.

 Guy’s Perspective: Are Smart Girls Scary

do smart girls scare guys

Do guys like smart girls, or are they intimidated by them?

If a lady has a successful job, is this off-putting or is it an attractive quality? Should girls who are mature, serious, or go-getters downplay those aspects of themselves to be more appealing to guys?

The Best Sermon I Never Heard Preached

NCC mark batterson

I could see him from where I sat, but I didn’t notice him at first. I was pulling off my coat, taking in the beautiful mixture of people around me. I sat munching on my donut. But I did not notice him.

People swarmed into the movie-theater-turned-church. Old, young, a homeless man off the streets – willing to listen to a sermon in exchange for a warm place to stay for an hour – a girl with hair so blonde and makeup so perfect she looks like she stepped out of a magazine, a grandmother in a wheelchair, her grandson tugging at her hand. It’s a gathering place for people of all kinds, just like the church is meant to be.

 Analyzing the Failure of Courtship 

the failure of courtship

This introduction has been re-written five times. Because I have re-written this article five times.

And each time, it gets longer and longer. Unfortunately, I have an excess of thoughts on the issue of the Christian institution of courtship, and they all flowed out into this article. Consider this my 95 theses on Christian Courtship [except I only have twelve…actually really only eleven].

8 Keys to Texting Girls 

8 Keys to Texting Girls

Guys, there are a few things you should know before texting a girl (especially a girl you ‘like’ like).

Being on the receiving end of guys’ texts, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to learn what works and what could be done better. I’ve gotten texts ranging from poetry to promises that are never kept to strange questions to hilarious comebacks to random things that just leave me wondering why the person bothered to text me at all.


Happy New Year!!

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