Our Team

Ellery Sadler | Executive Editor & Columnist

ellery sadlerEllery Sadler is on a mission to live life to the fullest.  Whether interviewing actors, slipping on an apron to cook in the kitchen, writing until she runs out of paper, or pursuing her BA in Theology, Ellery believes in embracing everything life has to offer and enjoying whatever God sends her way. She is grateful for the privilege of leading our team of writers and running InsideOut magazine.

She loves to hang out with her friends and sisters, who she amuses with voice impersonations from Julia Child to the Allstate commercial guy to virtually every Disney character ever.  She has a talent for making people laugh and is passionate about living authentically for Christ, traveling, writing, watching old movies (or any movies actually), making delicious food and loving people. She is also slightly obsessed with puppies and chocolate. 


Hailey Sadler | Founder & Big Idea Person

hailey bio picHailey Sadler believes in a big God, and He has never failed to lead her on big adventures. With a BA in Political Science with an emphasis in Economics, Hailey works as a Congressional Communications Director on Capitol Hill. She has a gift for words, both written and spoken, and is also a trained professional photographer, graphic designer, and prize-winning artist (cartoons are her favorite). She created InsideOut Magazine as a venue for a diverse collection of folks to share their faith and views on a variety of hot topics.

Hailey likes to make things happen – she has started and run her own company, worked as Executive Editor for a regional print magazine, and always has some new project in the back of her brain. She likes distance running, jamming to Johnny Cash, debating foreign policy, and traveling to new places. Hailey rocks the cowboy boot look, loves black olives, big ideas and old books, and makes a pie crust to die for.

Lana Jackson | Style & Fashion/Culture & Lifestyle Columnist

lana jackson bio Lana Jackson is inspired by the supremacy of God she sees in all things. She studied Art History in Washington, DC and Fashion Design in L.A. Lana is a creative thinker and loves analyzing art and film. She is the co-founder of Film+Theology, a movie ministry that encourages people to see Jesus Christ and His supremacy in every story. She has made it her personal ambition in life to help young adults of our generation learn how to engage entertainment and culture in a God-glorifying, redemptive way. Lana enjoys cooking without recipes, watching Chris Nolan films with her sisters, and studying the complete works of Francis Schaffer. You can find her dancing in the street, singing Sinatra in the car, getting lost in J.Crew, and the devouring the latest issue of InStyle in less than 7 minutes at the grocery store.

 Taylor Cartee | Health & Sports Guru

taylor bio Taylor is an energetic twenty-something with a passion for people, comprehensive fitness, whole foods, and injury prevention. She’s married to a godly gymrat, mama to a husky and a border collie, and loves her job in a fast-paced physical therapy clinic. Always one to take on a good challenge, the self-professed math and science nerd attended Patrick Henry College to “broaden her horizons” and graduated with a B.A. in Journalism. In her spare time she plays violin at church, experiments in the kitchen, plays soccer, lifts heavy, and goes on long runs. She’s currently training for a 10-miler and working to bench over 100 lbs. Follow her on Instagram @tc_healthstrong. 

 Taylor Turner | Culture & Lifestyle Columnist

taylor turner insideout magazineTaylor is an eclectic guy: nighttime may consist of tuxedos and waltzes followed by a day of dirt bikes, trucks, and country music. Either way he enjoys it because it usually consists of friends who make everything more fun. A good book and cup of coffee are always welcome items on a rainy day; and a warm, sunny day is the cue to break out the fly rod, water ski, and road bike. As a homeschool graduate and recent graduate from Thomas Edison State College, Taylor is now pursuing a financial certification while working at a top commercial real estate firm in Richmond, Virginia. Every year brings new surprises and presents many opportunities for learning and for that Taylor is thankful and eager to see what this next year brings.

“To love at all is to be vulnerable.” – C. S. Lewis

Samantha Roose | Health & Sports Lover

samantha bio Samantha Roose lives in Williamsburg, Virginia with her family of 14, shares 3 cars with 5 drivers, and every Sunday hosts and makes a soup for 50 people! She is passionate about investing in everyone she comes in contact with for the glory of God, whether through directing a dance ministry, training clients at the gym, shopping at Target, or playing KanJam in the backyard with her siblings. Somehow in the midst of all the busyness she finds time to train for triathlons, and laugh until she cries with her sisters chatting over a cup of coffee or watching a movie.

Alexandra Presley | Life & God Columnist
alexandra presleyAlexandra  is a 19-year-old home school graduate who lives in sunny South Carolina on a small farm with her wonderful, crazy family. She has three younger siblings, and she lives right up the road from her six cousins. She is blessed to be a member of an amazing little church made up of amazing people. She believes in marvelous grace, and in a God who became Man, and in death turned backward. She loves really good stories, G.K. Chesterton, long country drives, music, writing (you can check out her blog here). She dreams of getting married and of some day having a house filled up with children who fear nothing but the Lord. She strives to see this world with eyes full of wonder.
Austin Griesinger | Life & God Columnist
Austin Griesinger bioAustin is a 19-year-old native of Texas. He’s an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America and an aspiring author. While a generally funny person who loves to make others laugh, he tends to write on a more serious level and isn’t afraid to share an unpopular opinion. This, however, does not rule out the chance that something funny may slip in.
He is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, his sense of humor and love for Christ are evident in all that does. 
Bianca Wohleking | Fashion & Lifestyle Columnist

bianca bioBianca has always been very passionate about  the dignity of women. She believes in the inherent beauty and worth that each woman has as a perfect creation of God. Currently a nursing student at Rappahannock Community College, she hopes to work in Women’s Health specializing in being a Maternity Services Specialist. And when she’s finished with school, she is looking forward to the ministry of nursing. She enjoys exercising so she can have more pastries and Italian food. She loves being inside with her family drinking hot chocolate as much as she loves listening to Bob Marley on the beach with any fruity concoction she can find. She takes on adventure because she takes her Father in Heaven at His word when He said, “Do not be afraid.”

“Do I dare disturb the universe?” – T.S Eliot.

Brittany Sadler | Style & Fashion Expert

brittany sadler bioBrittany has always had trouble defining herself with just one label. On one hand she can be found walking the streeets of the world’s fashion capitals, and buying patent leather heels can keep her happy for weeks. But she’s also a former homeschooler now in her second year of law school at William & Mary, where she is excited about competing on the Moot Court Team and being on Law Review. On top of all this Brittany always enjoys spending time with her family, and dreams of having her own. Reading, running half marathons, and water sports fill up her rare spare time. She dreams of using her legal education for God’s glory, getting married, having her picture taken by the Sartorialist, and generally changing the world.

Kyle GriesingerCulture & News Columnist

kyle griesingerKyle Griesinger is a native Texan who loves politics, technology, and camping. He founded his own business at the age of 15 and now serves a variety of political figures and businesses. His love of politics has led him to be involved with numerous campaigns and political non-profits, and has given him the opportunity to share his political views on many different blogs.


Lindsay Chilton | Culture & News Columnist

lindsay bio pic Lindsay Chilton is a homeschooled senior in high school who has a love for writing, church history, and coffee. She is pursuing her degree in Anthropology and is passionate about all things involving camp and kids and exploring new places. She is a fabulous friend, lover of messy french-braids and cats, and genuine follower of Christ looking to live inside-out for Him.




Previous Writers:

Michael Vuke | Life & God Columnist

michael bio picMichael Vuke is a rambler. Talk to him for very long, and you’ll find that the conversation flows from one topic to another, anywhere from the latest movies to ancient history to spirituality—and that’s just the way he likes it. He believes you have more fun if you deviate from the original plan and wander about a bit. You can follow him on twitter or read more of his musings on his blog.


Samantha Nicole Life & Relationships Columnist

samantha bio picSamantha is a twenty-something paraprofessional jack-of-all-trades middle school teacher and summertime ice cream scooping pro. She currently resides outside of Boston with her parents, three siblings, adorable black lab and their too-many-to-count cows and chickens. She’s working on her BA in psychology and hopes to teach at the middle or high school levels once she can finally figure out how to apply for graduation. She’s also getting married to Paul, a WWII history buff who happens to be the most amazing guy ever.


Katrina Britton | Life & God Columnist

katrinabioPassionate about loving Christ and making Him known to a dark world, Katrina has devoted her life to ministry both at home and abroad.  As of recent days, Katrina finds herself in the new adventure of marriage to the man of her dreams!  Ministry now includes the roles of helper, homemaker, mother to two little boys, and pastor’s wife as she serves the Lord alongside her husband, Nathan.  In her spare time, Katrina enjoys making music, playing volleyball, reading a good book, and blogging at Living for Jesus.

Caitlin Muir | Style & Fashion Columnist

caitlin muir bio“Life is an adventure given to you by God. Enjoy it.” That’s the motto that Caitlin Muir lives by. Caitlin grew up with a steady diet of reading and daydreaming – two habits that have helped her in her career as a writer. She has a B.A. in Journalism and works as a PR Manager in Texas. She’s also an aspiring novelist and single’s columnist. You can read about more of her adventures on her blog.

“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.” – Unknown

Beth Gibson | Life & God Columnist

beth gibson bioAfter having a career in communications in Dallas, Texas, Beth Pedison Gibson moved to Washington, D.C., where she had life-changing adventures! She served as Director of Presidential Writers for President George W. Bush and did special writing projects for Mrs. Laura Bush.   Today, she is still having life-changing adventures as a stay-at-home mom of twin toddlers in Virginia

Sing to him a new song;  play skillfully, and shout for joy. – Psalm 33:3

Rebecca Florio | Health & Sports Columnist

beckybioRebecca Florio wants to be a marathon runner, published author, expert chef, polished public speaker, and talented pianist. Right now she is just a nineteen year old girl who dreams big and desires to entrust her life in God’s hands. Living with her parents and two sisters in Pennsylvania farmlands, she can be found entrenched in college studies (Organic Chemistry, anyone?), sipping tea and reading Scripture with her Bright Lights group, writing at her blog, Pressing On, or whipping up healthy treats in the kitchen. But no matter what hat she’s wearing, her identity is first and foremost in her Savior, Jesus Christ, who in His infinite mercy and love drew her to Himself and sustains her every day. All that she is, she owes Him and seeks to glorify Him in her life.

The Anonymous | Life & God Analyst

The AnonymousNames are distractions, filtering perception through preconceptions when unbiased exposure to truth/fact is desperately needed. The Anonymous has – and needs – no name. He shares his writing because he believe in the transformative power of the living God who uses imperfect tools to communicate fundamental messages. The less of the tool that is visible, the more clearly the message flows. As he walks the path of life, thoughts and ideas present themselves demanding analysis and explanation; his hope is that in sharing his opinions, you may be encouraged, challenged, and strengthened.



[[Don’t let your light go down / Don’t let your fire burn out / Cuz somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe / Why don’t you rise up now? / Don’t be afraid to stand out / That’s how the lost get found.  -Britt Nicole]]