Our Story

InsideOut is a place for the misfits, for rebels, for the teens & 20-somethings who don’t fit into a specific box or under a certain label but want to live sold-out, authentic Christian lives.

This isn’t a place for perfection. This isn’t a place for rules or judgmental attitudes or Christian clichés. This is a place for you to be you and me to be me and both of us to look for Jesus. A place to discuss ideas and issues and relationships and life. A place to broaden our horizons and find new perspective. A place to explore and create and cultivate. All under the incredible love and grace of our God.

There is no ‘sacred’ category and ‘secular’ category in the Christian life. Everything is sacred. Everything is His. And so InsideOut is a community of believers looking to live a holy, authentic life of reckless love. No masks. No fake perfection. No regrets.

Just real people living for a very real God.

How It All Began:

Once upon a time, there was a crazy computer-loving thirteen-year-old girl. She had a knack for graphics, a passion for words, and a love for Jesus.

Since thirteen-year-olds don’t like to wait around, her idea quickly translated into a 5-page printed newsletter that soon was distributed to friends and friends of friends across the country. (And she had a little sister who liked to help her staple them together.)

But then things came to a grinding halt.

The beloved PC computer crashed and all data and templates were erased. Who would have thought that God could use a devastating halt to bring such huge growth? But He did just that. And InsideOut Magazine was born.

Instead of reaching hundreds of readers across the nation we reach thousands of readers around the world

And instead of one girl typing away, we now have a team of diverse writers who share their unique perspective and opinions on a myriad of issues.

Today, that crazy thirteen-year-old girl is still wild about computers (although she did switch to a Mac) and makes graphics that would knock your socks off (she actually got a job doing it, as the Communications Director for a Congressman in D.C.). And that little sister is now Executive Editor instead of Chief Stapler.

Our contributors include teenagers, college students, twenty-somethings working jobs, and women with homes and families of their own. We have authors, athletes, a lawyer, bloggers, missionaries, a social media expert, foodies, and fashion gurus.

InsideOut is structured this way to reflect diverse perspectives. We are a catalyst of encouragement for many different young people by many different young people. You may not agree with all of us [we don’t even always agree with each other] but we hope that you come away from these pages with new thoughts and refreshed purpose.

And although we may have many different voices, we all share our common goals: God focused. Adventure loving. Real living.

Let’s turn the world upside down.

“And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, ‘These that have turned the world upside down are here also!'” Acts 17:6