How To Live Your Best Story

{Guest Post by Alexandra Presley}

 “Do you dislike your role in the story, your place in the shadow? You have been born into a narrative, you have been given freedom. Act, and act well until you reach your final scene.”

– N.D. Wilson

Living is a messy thing.

how to live life well living in the moment

Every new stage of life unfolds a new assortment of troubles. And with every new trouble, it’s easy to start wishing away life itself. You’re just waiting to get to the next thing, the next week, the next month, the next year. That’s not living. That’s existing.

And be careful. You can exist for an entire lifetime and forget to live.

Stop telling yourself that around every corner, every paycheck, every new stage, there’s something better than what you have.

Right here in this day, this moment, this life, you have been given something amazing and it’s called “now”.

Maybe you can’t wait to be done with school so that you can just get married and have a family and get on with real life. Guess what. Once you are married, you’ll still find plenty of life to wish away if that’s the way you decide to see things. Stinky diapers, long hours for your husband at a job he doesn’t enjoy, potty-training, whining toddlers, not enough sleep, messes to clean up over and over and over because every time you turn around they make another one.

But, one day you’ll have to turn and look back and you’ll see how glorious it all was. You’ll see how blessed you were and you’ll miss it. So live this chapter with relish. With pizazz. With a flourish.

Live yourself out until you have nothing left to give.

Only when you have been all used up will you find true peace right where you are. I am slow to learn and even slower to remember. I often catch myself thinking this stage I’m living is temporary. I catch myself just making it through a day and not making that day count. I have to stop and realize that this day could be my last day. We aren’t promised tomorrow. This is a sober thought, but it’s also a freeing one. I don’t have to fret about the future.

I just have each moment. I have one choice, one word, one smile, at a time.

All truly great authors write stories in which every sentence counts. The greatest Author is the ultimate example of this. Everything that’s in His story is meant to be there and if we skim over any bit of it, we’re not really reading what He’s written. If we skim over any bit of our lives, we’re not really being, or doing, or learning what He’s expecting. And we’re going to miss out on so much.

If I live in all the tomorrows, I’ll miss every single today.

“A story,” wrote Flannery O’Conner, “is a way to say something that cannot be said any other way, and it takes every word in the story to say what it means.” It takes every trial, every stage, every day, in your life to be a full life.

You have been born into a Story. Live it with all your heart and live every word.

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alexandra presley Alexandra is a 19-year-old homeschool graduate who lives in South Carolina on a farm with her wonderful, crazy family. She believes in amazing grace, and in a God who became Man, and in death turned backward. She dreams of writing books (you can check out her blog here), growing herbs, raising chickens, and of getting married and having a house filled to the brim with strong children who can laugh in the face of evil. She strives to see this world with eyes full of wonde



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