How to Be an Awesome Girl

Ok, we talked to the guys about how to be amazing. So now it’s our turn. Whether or not you have a boyfriend, wish you had a boyfriend, or are perfectly happy by yourself this Valentine’s Day, it’s always a good idea to be awesome.

It’s more than perfect hair and perfect makeup and a perfect life, it’s about being genuine and real and awesomely YOU.

how to be awesome


  1. confident
    2.develop your talents
    3.always be kind and friendly
    4.become a great friend and fun to be with
    5.always look your best
    7.stay fit
    8 .dont let others get to be who u are ignore them smart :)

  2. insideoutgirl says:

    Great list, Jemima! Thanks for commenting:)

  3. tragic love says:

    1:i dont wear heels
    2: dont belive in god
    3:love is a tragic thing
    4:life isnt fun all the time

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