How C. S. Lewis Changed My Perspective on Love

{By Taylor Turner}

Love. One simple word, yet, with so much gravity to our souls and permeating ramifications in our world.

Culturally, we dilute its weight and narrow its definition and thus lose much of its beauty and true meaning.This devalued love bleeds into all of life. But let us be honest: that is our default. Naturally, we idolize and conversely demonize a multitude of things in life – we idolize money and thus demonize not having money or we idolize sex and thus demonize singleness. The solution to this, though, is not balance.

We should never strive to balance idolization with demonization of other things in life.

What a shallow goal. What is the goal? And what is the fullness of this simple word “love”?


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