What Instagram Taught Me About Life

{By Samantha Roose}

Scrolling through my Instgram feed recently I was overwhelmed by the picture-book life I live.

When I got myself an Instagram account last summer I thought it would just be for a season while I traveled the Mediterranean with my Grandmother and brother and sister. But before I even packed my suitcase or set foot on a plane Instagram had already taught me to fall in love with life.


Interview with Rising Christian Movie Star Joseph Gray

{By Ellery Sadler}

In the world of Christian film, it isn’t often you find an actor who is talented, attractive, and dedicated to his craft, but when I first saw Joseph Gray in Princess Cut, I knew I had found one.

There is something authentic about Joseph when he is acting. He’s relatable and seems like a guy you could actually know in real life. After watching him brilliantly handle lines that could have been cheesy had anyone else been saying them, I knew I wanted to hear more about him and his passion for film.

So I had the pleasure of speaking with him about faith, finding your calling, and the future of Christian’s in the film industry.


Socality Barbie Is Leaving and I Love Her Even More

{By Ellery Sadler}

Have you seen her? Hipster glasses. Long legs. Beautiful lighting. Perfect backgrounds.

A couple months ago I ran across the Instagram account @socalitybarbie and thought it was hilarious. When I followed it, the account had about 13,000 followers. Now, after an interview with Wired, it has over a million. People all over the world have fallen in love with the snarky humor of our favorite hipster barbie (but really Darby Cisneros, the creator of the account). While it was fun to look through the perfectly posed, beautifully fake photos, I couldn’t help but wonder how much time Darby spent taking the pictures. With her rise to fame, there was more pressure to perform.


Movie Review: Princess Cut

{By Ellery Sadler}

A love story always intrigues me.

When I interviewed Jenn Gotzon a while back, she mentioned that she was going to be in a film calledPrincess Cut. When I saw that the cast also included Mimi Sagardin from Return to the Hiding Place, I decided I needed to see it. This movie tells the story of Grace, a girl who longs to get married, and her journey to finding the right man.


Why Christians Need to be Creative

{By Ellery Sadler}

I love being creative, when I have time.

Sometimes life is too busy for you to simply have time to be spontaneously creative. I know how that is. But don’t let your life get into such a hectic rut of being busy that you don’t take a moment to pause and do something that restores your soul.

I want to share my journey of creative writing and how I made time for it, even in the midst of school and work and a thousand other commitments.


3 Things You Should Think About Before You Speak

{By Austin Griesinger}

Edward Bulwer-Lytton is believed to have originally penned the phrase, “The pen is Mightier than the sword” in his 1839 play Cardinal Richelieu. In it, a priest discovers a plot against his life but being unable to take up arms, he must fight his battle through the written word.

Here are three things that you should consider before you speak.


Why Weakness is Really Your Greatest Strength

{By Taylor Turner}

Don’t be discouraged today. Yes, you’re aware of your weaknesses and failures, but for each of them there’s forgiving, transforming grace.”

And thus began my reading of just a daily snippet from Paul David Tripp’s newest book New Morning Mercies.

I was hit hard with its truth and encouraged by Tripp’s gospel devotional – and I want to share it with you.


5 Ways for Writers to Stay Creative Even When You’re Not Writing

{Guest Post by Emily C.}

Finding the time to write can be hard. The less I write, the less I feel motivated to write. It’s like I get in a hole of “writing depression” and I can’t pull myself out. But sometimes, even when I do want to write, there’s simply not enough time!

Of course, then I get trapped into thinking “What was I even doing with this story?!” and “Why was I so excited about it?” I absolutely hate the feeling of losing excitement for characters and plot lines I had been so happy and giddy about just a week or two before. Losing interest in your story because you don’t have enough time to be excited about it sucks.


What The Age of Adaline Means for Millennials

{By Lana Jackson}

“For all those years you’ve lived, you’ve never had a life.”

What is the measure of a life? Most would answer time, time measures our lives.

The times we’ve had with loved ones, the time we spent building a career, the time we dedicated to great causes, the time we wasted, the times we forgot, the time we saved. And of course, there are times we regret for the roads not taken.

Time is a strange thing. It elapses, and no one notices; or we run out of it, and we’re thrown into a state of panic.

But not Adaline Bowman, she has nothing but time on her hands . . .


What is the Secret to Being a Successful Christian Movie Producer?

{By Ellery Sadler}

I’ve always wondered what exactly movie producers do.

See, screenwriters write. Directors direct. Actors act. And producers produce … but what does that really mean?

After watching Beyond the Mask, I thought it would be fun to hear an inside perspective on the film and share it with y’all. And I had the privilege of talking with Producer Aaron Burns. (Some of you might know him from Pendragon: Sword of His Father.)

Aaron is a creative soul, a man with a passion for storytelling and a bright outlook on the future. So, without further ado, let’s hear what he has to say about Hollywood and favorite movies and the impact of film on our culture.


7 Reasons Why You Need to Read a Book Today

{Guest post by Kiersten Wilkins}

Books have the power to change the world. But more importantly, they have the power to change you.

I believe what we read sets a precedence for how we will choose to stretch and educate our minds.

There is not better way to become prolific in spelling and grammar and evaluating big ideas than to read good literature.


How C. S. Lewis Changed My Perspective on Love

{By Taylor Turner}

Love. One simple word, yet, with so much gravity to our souls and permeating ramifications in our world.

Culturally, we dilute its weight and narrow its definition and thus lose much of its beauty and true meaning.This devalued love bleeds into all of life. But let us be honest: that is our default. Naturally, we idolize and conversely demonize a multitude of things in life – we idolize money and thus demonize not having money or we idolize sex and thus demonize singleness. The solution to this, though, is not balance.

We should never strive to balance idolization with demonization of other things in life.

What a shallow goal. What is the goal? And what is the fullness of this simple word “love”?


Movie Review: Beyond the Mask

{By Ellery Sadler}

Rating: A fun, family-friendly adventure movie. Great film. 

I saw Beyond the Mask last weekend with my younger sisters and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and complexity of this movie. The filming was quite well done, the characters engaging, and the plot intriguing. There was just enough romance to interest older teens and plenty of action for younger kids (or boys).

Beyond the Mask is the story of an assassin during the Revolutionary War who tries to redeem his name, after falling love with an innocent Cinderella-like girl. It is the perfect mixture of romance and adventure.


Why Cinderella Will Restore Your Faith in Hollywood

{By Ellery Sadler}

The new Cinderella movie is more than magical. 

With non of the slapstick humor of Mirror Mirror or the violence (and frequent screaming) of Maleficent, Cinderella was a beautiful success.

The story is simply Cinderella. Not new, but never old. 

Three things stood out to me from the film.


Is Being Creative a Spiritual Issue?

{By Ellery Sadler}

I love the idea of being creative.

I love the idea of sitting down to a worn wooden desk and mixing paint on a colorful palette and spending my time scouring wildflower filled fields for inspiration.

I love the idea snatching my camera and snapping pictures on a walk in the woods.

I love the idea of pulling out a blank notebook and starting to scribble away at a new story – daydreaming about characters and mapping out plot-lines and eavesdropping on coffee shop conversations. Creativity like that is beautiful, but it takes time. Time that I honestly don’t have these days between all my other commitments.


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