Can God Really Forgive Me?

By Ellery Sadler 

“She who is forgiven much loves much.” Luke 7:47

Jesus tried to explain to His disciples the upside-down rules of eternity. God didn’t come to the world looking for semi-good people to make them all-the-way good. He came to save the hopelessly lost, the desperate, broken people with torn up lives and worn-out bodies and transform them into His own likeness.

We live in a culture that worships perfection – perfect pictures perfectly curated, posted on perfect timelines. Lighting just right. Angle just right. Life just right. But life isn’t like that and we are not perfect. Only when you experience some of the grit and messiness of life, do you experience the depth of Jesus’s love and the miracle of His grace. You are never too far gone for the grace of God. 

Of course, this isn’t license to go out and sin. Paul talks about this in Romans chapter 6 saying: “What then? Shall we go out and sin that grace may increase? Of course not. We have died to sin; so how can we live in it any longer?” Grace isn’t a license to sin, it’s a license to live – and to live in freedom. Grace gives us freedom from our past, freedom from our sin (not freedom to sin), freedom from guilt and shame and bitterness.

Grace is freedom.

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