Beautiful In All Your Ways

{By Samantha Roose}

all your ways

As the last notes hung in the air I felt the Lord whisper to my heart, “Samantha, I am beautiful even when life hurts.  I am beautiful even when life doesn’t make sense.  I am beautiful even when I died on the cross.  Samantha, I am beautiful in all my ways, not just my comfortable ways.”

Immediately my heart cried out against His words.  I don’t want the pain in my life and uncertainty to be part of your beauty Lord!  And yet, He said it was.  Reminding me of a tapestry I had seen in Corrie Ten Boom’s home the Lord gave me a picture of what He was trying to tell me.

where is God when life is hard

Hung on the wall of the Ten Boom family’s dining room all one can see is a tangled mess of thread that makes utterly no sense; however when you turn it over a delicate and intricate masterpiece is revealed!  So it is with my life.  In the moment all I see is the back, scraggly, senseless, strings, but God sees the complete, complex, and beautiful masterpiece.

Truly, He is beautiful in all His ways.

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