10 Ways Smart Christian Women Think Differently

{By Ellery Frost}

Christian women should think differently than the rest of the world. While the world may try to drown us in statistics and standards, we know what is really important in life. Here are 10 things you should always remember.

smart women think differently

 1. Beauty Isn’t Skin-Deep

Smart women understand that while Hollywood and magazines and media may objectify women into oblivion, true beauty isn’t just about how you look or what size you wear. As Coco Chanel says “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.”

 2. Education Matters


This doesn’t necessarily mean classroom education. This doesn’t mean you have to run off to Harvard or go get a master’s degree. It does mean that you need to understand the importance of education and go about educating yourself. We have a unique opportunity as young Christian women to show the world just how incredible we can be. So grab a stack of books, take some classes, get a job, go for an internship. Knowledge is power and you gain knowledge by educating yourself.

 3. Success Isn’t Always Obvious

It’s all too easy to measure your success by the numbers – the number of followers you have, the number of people you’ve helped, the amount of money you made, or the amount of money you gave away. But success isn’t about the statistics. Success can be measured by the number of times you smiled today, the way you show your gratitude, the number of people you are kind to, the way you laugh, the way you pick yourself back up after you fall.

 4. Value Comes From God

 Your value comes from Who created you. Think about this in terms of fashion. The value of a Kate Spade purse isn’t because it comes from a fancy cow, it’s because of the designer who made it. Or any brand – it’s about the Creator not the creation. Don’t let the world’s constant lies drown out the truth that you have value simple because God created you and you are you.

 5. Time is Precious  

 smart women think differently

A smart woman doesn’t waste her time. That doesn’t mean that she’s constantly running around and never has time to breathe, but it does mean that she values her time and understands how precious it is. You can’t buy back time. You can’t save it for later. Using your time wisely means embracing each moment as the gift that it is.

6. People Come First

 Smart women understand that people are the most important thing in life – more important than money or work or school. It’s so easy to get caught up in big ideas and big plans only to lose sight of what is really important: loving the people God has placed in your life.

 7. Girlfriends Matter More

You will always have your girlfriends, so make sure they know how important they are to you. Especially in groups of teenage girls, friendships often slip into competitions. This is completely unnecessary. You should never be competing with your friends for the attention of a guy. Never, never talk bad about a girlfriend to one of your guy friends. Not only is it unkind, it’s unattractive. After you’re married, you probably won’t have a lot of close guy friends, but you will have (or wish you had) girlfriends. Treat them how you would like to be treated.

8. Little Things Matter

When you look to your right and your left, maybe it’s discouraging. Maybe your friends are overachieving geniuses that leave you in the dust. Or maybe it makes you prideful – at least you’re doing more than person X or Y. Either way, smart women know that the little things do count. It’s not just the noticeable things or the big things or the obvious things that matter.

This can be especially hard to remember in Christian circles where ministry is the issue. 

Maybe you help out at the Food Pantry every Saturday in between juggling school and a part time job and church, while your friend Sarah has just decided to go to India to be an overseas missionary. It’s easy to feel like your service isn’t as good as hers. Or maybe God doesn’t care as much about you handing out food on a Saturday as He does about Sarah caring for orphans across the ocean. Or maybe you’re crazy busy working and can’t go to a food pantry, but you commit to praying for people. Now that is a very personal, hidden ministry. But it still matters.

A smart Christian woman knows that each act of service is important to God. Every person on this entire planet is known and loved by God, so anything you do to love or help them is important to Him. It can be orphans, or the hungry in your community, or the old people at a nursing home, or your own siblings. Small doesn’t mean less.


 9. Real Men Are Valuable 

real men

In a world where society cuts men down before they have a chance to speak, stereotypes them as  dangerous or incompetent, and women in the media are forever playing victim, it can be hard for men to actually be real men. Real men are ridiculously under appreciated, frequently mocked by society, and generally ignored or discounted.  Smart Christian women value real men. ‘Real men’ doesn’t mean necessarily some macho superman, it means a man who is willing to be a leader, to follow the call of duty, and who loves God more than anything else. Real men are valuable, and rare. If you have one as a father, brother, friend, boyfriend or husband – respect him, treasure him, understand how valuable he is.

 10. Optimism is Essential  

 optimism is essential

In a world of highly negative media, it can be hard to keep an eternal perspective. With billboards screaming at us and news stories shocking us and statistics scaring us, it’s all too easy to be like everyone else and get into a very negative mindset. But a smart Christian woman understands that God’s got this under control. And that since He does, we should be the most joyful, optimistic people on the planet.

Negativity is easy, but it’s a lie. Optimism is harder, but it’s the truth.

What do you think? What would you add to the list? Comment below, we love hearing from you! 

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